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Coming Soon 3 or 4 Songs Version of "Desire"

2012-06-16 10:36:51 by xmichaxb7

So Newgrounders... I've just made a song, and the with the Title "Desire".
OK Newgrounders... At that song, I have planned to make three or four "Desire" Endings.
Why? Because when I tried to make an ending of this song. In my mind, I've got no idea how to... But, wow yeah. That's it. Make another ending of "Desire".

OK I'm gonna tell you, three or four endings of "Desire"

1. Desire (Continue Ending)
2. Desire (Successfull Ending)
3. Desire (Normal Ending)
4. Desire (??? Ending)

Sorry for number 4. I'm not sure about it.
So Newgrounders... Just wait with (extra) patient, and it will be come soon!


For wating "Desire" song, go listen this :


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